Ark Capitals Review – Why Makes this Broker Special

It is essential for you to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing an online broker for trading in the financial markets. Many people make the mistake of thinking that any broker would do and they have to learn the truth the hard way. You want to make money via trading, not lose it because the broker you have chosen offers mediocre trading services that do not meet your requirements. Hence, it is vital to be thorough and understand what makes a broker special before signing up. You can take advantage of this Ark Capitals review in this quest.

Based in the United Kingdom, Ark Capitals is currently offering CFD and forex trading services in 39 countries around the globe and have become quite a popular option in the market. They have already received two recognition awards for their exemplary services. Nonetheless, you still need to check for your own peace of mind and you can find what makes it special below:

Their extensive variety of instruments

The first thing that will immediately strike you when it comes to Ark Capitals is their extensive variety of instruments. You can check out a number of brokers offering their services in the market, but you will quickly come to see that there are not many that come close to offering what you find here. It is not just the variety that is appealing, but also the fact that the choices are some of the best ones every market has to offer.

The trading instruments at your disposal at Ark Capitals belong to various financial markets and are the leading and popular options from each. You will be able to choose from more than 400 trading instruments, which means that every trader, regardless of their interests and preference, can find a suitable option. They can spread their capital over different markets for countering the risks inherent in trading.

Their state-of-the-art security protocols

Online trading may offer a world of conveniences, but the security risks that come with it cannot be denied. Therefore, it is very appealing to see just how these have been mitigated at Ark Capitals with state-of-the-art security protocols. The brokerage has ensured that your funds and your sensitive information remains safe and does not fall into the wrong hands.

There is a Privacy Policy in place at Ark Capitals that tells you what information is used and how and it is protected via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and encryption. The funds you deposit with the brokerage for your trading are kept in segregated accounts that keep them separate from the company’s own funds, thereby reducing any possibility of misappropriation.

Compliance with security policies like Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) at Ark Capitals is another security protocol that mitigates the risk of identity theft, money laundering and financial fraud.

Their diverse account choices

Most people struggle with the account choices of a brokerage because they don’t offer much flexibility and this is another area where Ark Capitals appears to have done a great job. This is primarily because it has put together five account options that are meant to ensure that traders from every walk of life can find an account that fulfills their needs. The choices are named Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The minimum deposit needed for each of the account options at Ark Capitals is £250, £2,000, £5,000, £25,000 and £50,000, respectively. Every account option also comes with different features, which include a money management plan, account manager, customer service, event analysis, trading alerts, daily market reviews, event trading, VIP mentorship program and 1-on-1 educational course.

Furthermore, you will also find that an account bonus is also offered by Ark Capitals with each account, which is between 10% and 100%. The leverage for these accounts is between 1:10 and 1:20.

The Verdict

These offerings make it apparent why Ark Capitals is a special broker and deserves the popularity it is enjoying in the financial markets.

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