Group 500 Review – A Professional CFD And Forex Broker

Group 500 Review

Group 500 is a high-end brokerage that focuses on CFD, FX, and investment trading. The broker is based in Geneva, Switzerland, at Route de Meyrin 49, 1203 Geneva. It is highly regulated; therefore it is a very safe site for online brokers. Our Group 500 broker review will assist you in determining whether or not the firm is profitable in the long run.

Group 500 is a high-end brokerage. The first feature is the broker’s general appearance and presentation. The online brokerage sector is an unwritten agreement that high-end brokers must appear less dazzling than others. As a result, they have a more challenging time standing out because they rely solely on their service. That criterion is met by Group 500, which has created a simple yet appealing landing page.

However, these aesthetics take a back seat to utility. Therefore, we focused more on how the website felt to use than how it looked. Our findings were excellent, with minimal latency and an easy-to-use website structure. As a result, the broker made an excellent first impression.

Group 500 is well-rounded and consistently high-quality. The following are some of the broker’s most desirable features:

Personalized Training

Brokers rarely organize private trading instruction or tips because of the number of their consumers. Online webinars, which are more like a school class, are typically the closest you’ll receive. They occur in front of a group, are non-interactive, and are frequently ineffective in resolving individual problems. As a result, traders seldom make use of them and are left to their own devices. One-on-one trading with Group 500 overcomes these problems by allowing you to chat personally with a professional.

Excellent financial support

The importance of financing to a trader’s or investor’s entire experience is sometimes overlooked. It’s aggravating to choose a broker to discover that deposits and withdrawals are delayed. They can also be loaded with fees or particular requirements, which isn’t the only issue you can face. When trading, either can be a significant barrier and create lengthy stops, resulting in missed chances. Group 500, on the other hand, has no such difficulties, with rapid and pleasing finance available through a variety of investment options.

Trading and Security of Funds

The significance of security in online brokerages cannot be overstated. You’ve put a lot of money into something, and losing it to a scam is frustrating. However, you can only depend on yourself for protection because the internet is unfortunately full of fraudulent brokers. That security comes from working with a broker you know won’t deceive you.

We like well-rounded brokers, as we stated in our Group 500 broker evaluation. We mentioned we wanted what Group 500 had to offer in the same sentence. As a result, you will be satisfied by the Group 500.The broker features a straightforward website that does not neglect any aspect of its service. This is significant since it indicates that the broker is well aware of its service and proficient in providing its services. In comparison, scam brokers generally strive to hide anything unpleasant to lure consumers in. It’s not difficult to understand how Group 500 is distinct from the others.

Account Types

The broker provides a wide range of account types, which contributes to the outstanding trading service. Because Group 500 is a high-end broker that focuses on investments, the accounts start at $10,000. That each account has no direct maintenance expenses associated with it. Instead, you receive all of the funds you deposit to trade.

Trading Platform

For all of their trading requirements, Group 500 offers its traders a specialized platform. The program performs admirably and is completely tuned for all devices on which it may be used. It is simple to use, so you will quickly become familiar with how the platform works. Furthermore, it has advanced analytical capability, allowing you to improve the accuracy of your predictions. It is available in both online and mobile versions, making it quick and easy to use.


Even though the firm is new, it does not attempt to hide it, putting up its full service professionally. Furthermore, there are no significant weaknesses anywhere because the broker handles all of the critical elements.

Its security is excellent, so clients don’t have to worry about their money being stolen. On the other hand, the broker offers traders exceptional primary and secondary trading circumstances. As a result, customer service, education, and funding are all excellent and commendable. We want to round out our Group 500 broker review by recommending that you give it a shot.

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