Our List Of Top Mental Health Boosting Apps

Mental health is every bit as important as physical “bodily” health. We know this, and yet, we’re a hundred times more likely to skimp on mental well-being than on physical well-being. A huge part of the problem is a mix of ignorance and a lack of knowledge. Lucky for us, rapid advances in tech are making it easier than ever before to keep track of our psychological state of affairs.

These are some of our favourite “therapy apps” instantly available for download right now.


Available to iOS as well as Android users, Moodfit is a great app for those not quite in touch with their present mood, or in plain language, with how they’re really feeling at any given time. What makes Moodfit an even more useful app is that it not only helps you track your mood, but also helps you to boost your mood during difficult times or challenges.

Moodfit looks after the entire “you”, helping you understand everything from the importance of a good night’s rest, to getting a grip on why exactly exercise is so very important not only to your body, but also to your state of mind.

A really special feature (and a rather rare one as far as mood-boosting apps go), is that Moodfit teaches and helps you to practice gratitude. Now there’s something to think about when next you feel mentally or emotionally low!


MoodMission is a special mental-health tracking app because of the way in which the software functions and responds being based on actual scientific evidence in the field of overcoming depression and anxiety.

The app also focuses specifically on these two aspects and will all throughout the day provide you with various missions requiring some form of action or response on your part. MoodMission basically puts your in control of your own mental well-being while allowing you to progress at a pace that is comfortable and manageable to you personally.


Sanvello caters specifically for the more socially-inclined among us who enjoy the casino slots online Brasil offers with friends. The app creates a safe and nurturing place you can escape to whenever the going gets tough. It’s very much community-based, and even includes access to a real-life therapist.

Sanvello’s peer support function allows the user to draw on the strength and support of like-minded people willing to share their own perspective on  whatever it is that’s causing you stress or anxiety. The base-app is free, but some functions do require a subscription.


Another super-helpful mental health boosting app, in our humble opinion, is Betterhelp. Also capable of connecting the user to a topic-relevant real-life therapist, Betterhelp is available at a weekly subscription fee of between $40 and $70.

Betterhelp is one of those apps you may only need to use for a short while. The quality of the therapy provided by the professionals offering their services via the app, is absolutely irreproachable, which leads us to believe that Betterhelp’s administrators do a proper job of screening their chosen therapists beforehand.

Even though Betterhelp is a paid app on the more expensive side of the spectrum, those who can afford it will definitely gain a great deal of help and value from it.

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