Success Is Different Things To Different People– Also In Business

Why Success In Business Is Relative

Its been said that success in business is a thing of relativity. And when you think about it, the reason for this is spectacularly simple: we don’t all value the same things and we certainly don’t all think of the same things when we think of what it means to be successful. Furthermore, since a business is only as successful as its weakest human link, it stands to perfect reason that success in business, and not only in life, is fairly relative.

And so, when working from exactly this premise, we begin to understand that based on our personalities, based on our personal interests – whether they are sport, online slots NZ or cooking, and based on our levels of integrity, we can all, even though to varying degrees, each make a wildly massive success of ‘being in business’.

And these are just some of the ways we get to go about the business of being successful in business.

Be A Believer

The value of believing in a brand identity and of believing in a bigger purpose behind that brand, is only really to be found in absolute and earth-shaking defeat. Because the only thing that will make us to stand up out of any hole, no matter how desperate or how slippery the slope, is belief in a purpose.

To Heck With Mediocre

What’s the use of mediocracy, of doing things half-baked, in any way? A mediocre approach is nothing more than a supreme waste of valuable time. Instead of aiming to improve by 10%, aim for the overhaul! If change is going to take place in any way, and if discomfort born from that change is going to necessitate leaning into that discomfort in any way, then why not make it radical right off the bat? Mediocracy isn’t worth the dabble.

Embracing The Long Run

If its important to remember only one thing, then remember that achieving success in business is a marathon – not a quick and painless sprint. Building even just the foundations of a successful business is for the strategic daredevil, not the physics-defying speed demon. When building systems, build those systems with eyes fixed firmly on the long haul; the bigger picture. Don’t be short-sighted. It doesn’t look good on anyone.

Build It As If You’ll Keep It

Approach any new or existing business in exactly the same way as what you would marriage: from the assumption that its something that will be with you, next to you, and belonging to you forever. Even though its true that you will in all likelihood one day end up selling your business, and for whatever reason, run and enjoy running your brand is if its for keeps – for forever keeps.

By doing this, you’ll not only invest more of yourself into your chosen brand – more energy, more time, more passion and more money – but you’ll also by default increase your chances at success ten-fold.

Its why fly-by-nights rarely if ever succeed.

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