Best Employee Tracker Applications

Employee Tracker Applications

Keeping proper track of remote employees can be as beneficial to an employee as what it will be to the employer’s records. And since more and more people are starting to work from home, remote employee tracker applications are once again under the spotlight.

When choosing an employee tracker, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s a world of options to be tried and tested. Some applications may work better for some employers than what they would for others – in the end, it very much boils down to matter of preference and functionality. These are just some of the options currently available to small and big companies.


Ximble tops our list of top remote employee trackers for two reasons: cost in relation to functionality. Ximble is a great choice for employees working according to a strict budget. What’s more, it comes standard with multi-language support for cross-country communication. Another added bonus is that Ximble is great at staff payroll administration and management. Be sure to try Ximble for a  hassle-free and relatively cheap employee tracker option.


Also web-based like  a lot of apostas esportivas no Brasil, WORKetc in all fairness belongs on a list of its own. This is because WORKetc is really actually a combination of systems and functionalities all rolled into one powerful application. Not only does it track and manage time, but it also automatically bills and invoices, allowing the employee to get on with the business of the day in a time-productive manner.


Another fantastic multi-tasking miracle worker is Trigger. Not only does Trigger accurately time-track your employees, but it also does quite the one-up on traditional information tracking software. Trigger also happens to be one of the cheaper options when considering which employee tracker application to invest in. Also, let it be said that Trigger will have any control-freak’s heart beating just a little faster in no time. The system is the epitome of organised, and even allows the user to create several different categories when managing employee-information. And did we mention the option to make use of different colours for different employees? Trigger is superb value for very little money.


Freckle just loves a clutter-free computer. It operates directly out of your internet browser (it’s compatible with most mainstream browsers), and what with it being web-based, doesn’t even do as much as take up unnecessary space on your hard-drive.

Awesome about Freckle too is that the company in charge of the software offers to the user a free trial period. This is a great way of checking out whether Freckle will do everything you need it to before parting with a single dime of your hard-earned cash.


Constantly on the go right to the point of being over-extended? Then look no further, because iDoneThis could just as well have been a little person living with reasonable independence inside of your computer.

The system requires very little attention and/or input from the employer’s end of the table. The software prompts employees to submit a daily email containing a list of the tasks completed that day. And since workers are able to submit a report of what they did vs how much time they spent doing what was required of them, iDoneThis is great at tracking achievements too for when employers want to reward hard-working and committed members of their staff.

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