Essential Things To Think Of When Designing Your Home Office

With home offices and virtual working becoming more and more common place, many people are looking at how they can design the ultimate workspace within their home. Whether you’re converting a spare bedroom or annex into a home office or building on a new space on a budget, you want to ensure your work environment has all the things in place to make for a productive day. This needs to be a comfortable and inviting space where you can efficiently and effectively get things done.

Here are some of the essential things to think about when designing your new home office:

  • Don’t try and cram it all in – One of the common mistakes people make in their home office is to try and cram too much into a small space. Ensure that there is enough free space where you can move around comfortably, stand up and sit down without bumping into anything or knocking anything over. It’s important to have cupboards and filing options where you can put things away but be sure that these are clearly labelled so everything is easy to find. 

Although cute, also try and avoid having too many knickknacks or trinkets on your desk or taking up space in the room. A cluttered busy office can leave you feeling stressed and frustrated, never mind the impact it can have on productivity as you struggle to find those all-important documents in the mess.

  • Choose the right desk and chair – Picking out the perfect desk and chair is an essential party of designing your home office. Don’t only look for something that is stylish or suits your budget, you also need to consider the ergonomics of the design. As you’re likely to be spending a lot of time sitting in your office chair, you want one that is the right height, and offers you the support you need. Ideally your desk should not be shorter than 120cm in width and not taller than 70 cm high. If you want to stand while you work, you can also look at investing a standing desk or an adjustable option that lets you move between sitting and standing.
  • A place to relax – If you have the space, it’s a great idea to put a spot in your office where you can relax for a few minutes and play at an online NZ casino. A comfy chair or a sofa allows you a spot where you can sit with a cup of coffee while you catch up on emails or take a phone call, or even enjoy some down time. This relaxing spot can also serve as a meeting space in the instance that you must meet with a client or employee in person at home.
  • Lots of light – With home offices often shunted to the basement or back room, they can be dark and dreary places to work. Consider the light when designing your office and try to make the most of it where possible. Place your desk in the space with the most natural light, be that by or near a window, either is a bonus over electric light. See-through window blinds or tinting can help to reduce any glare on your computer screen without affecting the light too much. Well-placed mirrors can help bounce the natural light and outside views around the room while light wall colours or brights like yellow and light blue can also make the room appear lighter and airier.

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