Packing Tips For Your Next Holiday

Heading off on a holiday? Trying to cram everything you own into the tiniest suitcase? Stop what you are doing! There is an art to packing for your next holiday – whether its in Vegas or Venice. You want to ensure that you are prepared for a variety of weather conditions and have all the gadgets you need to make your time memorable and entertained but don’t want to overpack as lugging a hefty suitcase around on planes and public transport can be challenging. Thankfully, you can take the stress out of packing for your next holiday with these quick tips:

  • Roll, don’t fold – Rolling your clothes will take up less space than folding them, allowing you to pack more efficiently. Smaller items, such as underwear and socks can also be rolled up and stuffed into shoes or small spaces in your suitcase to safe space.
  • Keep your documents separate – Keep your tickets, proof of accommodation, all your passports and everything separate so that they are easy to access. You don’t want to have to be packing and repacking your bag in the middle of the airport to find the information you need so ensure that you keep everything in a file that easy to access when you need it.
  • Handy hand luggage – Your hand luggage should contain everything you need for a few days in case your main suitcase is delayed or goes missing. This should include your basic toiletries, electronics, cell phone charger and change of clothes. If you’re going on a beach holiday it might also be wise to include your swimming costume, while your ski jacket or pants are a good idea for that vacation in the snow.
  • Wear your bulkiest clothing – The easiest way to free up space in your suitcase is to wear your bulkiest clothing like you’re dressing for a storm or thunder and lighting, be that a heavy jacket or a pair of boots. A nice woollen sweater or hooded sweatshirt will also serve as a pillow or a blanket on the plane. That said, it might be wise to leave those bulky items at home altogether. Consider rather layering up in different clothes, than packing one heavy item. You’ll have more outfit choices that way and different options should the weather not be as expected.
  • Make a list – Before you start packing, make a list of everything you will need and then stick to it! This should include all the essentials like sunglasses, books, headphones, chargers, a tablet to play the online slots Canada offers, keys, towels etc. When packing your suitcase try and avoid throwing in items that could be ‘what if’ or ‘maybe’ things to use. These items can quickly take up more and more space in your suitcase and its likely that you will come home never having used them anyway!
  • A bag for the kids – If you’re travelling with kids, it’s always handy to pack a separate bag that contains anything you might need for them. This can include toys and games, extra snacks, as well as nappies and a change of clothes. If your child is old enough, your kid’s bag can be a little suitcase on wheels that your kid can pull along by themselves. This means you don’t need to worry about lugging it along and your child will feel like a traveller while being given the responsibility of looking after their own suitcase.

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