Why The Use Of Proper Grammar In Business Cannot Be Stressed Enough

Grammar Matters – The Many Reasons Why

In an age focused on predominantly written online content, our words are all we have. Which is why its more important now than ever before not to be a grammar bucknut – not in casual everyday written communication, and most definitely not in business. Rampant grammar mistakes create the wrong vibe, even when considered within the context of the ever-evolving nature of the rules of language.

The truth of the matter is that we represent ourselves through our written words, no matter the intention. Whether we like it or not, when we speak, we are practically showcasing to others our level of intelligence. There is nothing quite like an ill-constructed sentence for demonstrating a lack of thoughtfulness and poor attention to detail. And if good business practice is anything, it’s a keen sense of attention to detail.

In many ways, it is the very technology now requiring more writing to be done than ever before in the history of modern mankind that has become our grammar and spelling Achilles heel. The rising demands of a round-the-clock digital news cycle has given birth to an increasingly more conversational tone of reporting in general, which has in turn created the misconception that casual is 100% of the time the acceptable way to go.

Its not – and here’s why.

Good Grammar Is Credibility

Grammatical errors create a perception of carelessness – ignorance, even – on the part of the writer, and by default, the company or business represented by the writer. This may even lead to the accuracy of the content being questioned by the reader, no matter how ‘cut and dried’ the content in relation to the topic being addressed appears to be. In fact, research shows that the minute readers spot a spelling mistake on a website, many will leave the site because of a fear of fraudulence.

Good Grammar Is Professional

It’s true – good grammar saves face. It’s also true that there exists a direct link between the concept of ‘professional reputation’ and man’s ability to look and sound as smart as he is. It is far better to err on the side of the conventional and risk coming across as fussy, pompous even, than to ‘tone it down’ to a more casual style of communication and risk upsetting a valuable client because a basic error has led to a strong emotional response. No matter what the business is, from ecommerce to a site featuring Australian pokies online, good grammar shows true professionalism.

Good Grammar Is Clarity

Consider the 2015 multi-million-pound court skirmish over a spelling error that had apparently led to the demise of a Cardiff-based engineering business. The premise of the matter was this: a simple spelling error committed by officials at Companies House led customers to believe that a business by the name of Taylor & Sons had been wound up in 2009. The ‘real’ failing business was a firm called Taylor & Son (in the singular) – an error the court ruled the result of a lack of reasonable care on the part of Companies House officials.

Clarity matters – and a lack thereof can be extremely costly.

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