Writing a travel diary can double your travel fun

Writing a travel diary

The habit of writing a diary is very good. This habit preserves our memories. We re-live our past through a diary. We also see the change of our past and present. Writing a diary is an art. Not everyone can write. Those who live life in the right way write a diary. By having a diary in the narration of the journey, you can keep all these new experiences and knowledge in one place where you can reflect on them. The description of the journey in the diary depends on the written words which would make the journey thrilling to read that diary in future. Creating a travel diary is very easy. All you need is a diary, a pen and some travel pictures. In the diary journey we can describe in this way.

Remember more

By writing down the things you want to do during your journey and the things you have done during that, you will not forget the reasons you wanted to go and remember more about your journey.

Will get information

While traveling somewhere new, you will learn a lot about the culture, customs and people of that place. By having a place to write your comments, you will absorb your surroundings more.

Use your diary to plan your trip

Your travel diary may begin before your journey begins. Use your diary to start planning the things you want to do. It can be anything from a quiet restaurant you want to eat, a hike you want to go to or various places you want to visit. Write down whatever is on your travel checklist so that you do not forget it.

Once you know what you want to do, do some research and figure out the best way to do it. If you want to see a special monument, figure out the best way to get there and put it in your diary. If you want to do some quiet activities, write down the contact information of people, places or trips that make them convenient.

Write about what you imagine

Sometimes when you travel, your destination is wildly different from what you expected. Maybe you expected the local food to be bad and it turned out delicious. You might have imagined that the city is actually smaller than this. Perhaps you thought that you would be more comfortable with the language. Whatever it is, think about writing it before you arrive. It would be interesting to compare these predictions to what you actually experienced. 

Write during your trip

It is always easier to remember things when your mind is fresh, so try and write as much as you can during the journey; Every day your journal entries don’t have to be long if you can, but let them highlight what you think was the most important or exciting. How did you feel during your trip to the local market? What did you smell, taste and hear? Have you learned anything new from the person you used to speak with at the bar? Were you surprised by the clothes people wore? What was the view like from the top of the mountain? Before you go to bed, try and remember what you did that day, what you thought and how you felt. This will serve as a great way to remember more from your journey, but it will also help you reflect and grow from the things you have encountered.

Add pictures to your diary

Even if your diary is for writing, the pictures are worth a thousand words. Combining pictures with your first-hand accounts of what they represent, or what happened when they were taken, would make for an even more comprehensive description of your journey.

Write about yourself

Reflect on the new experiences you had, what made you uncomfortable and what attracted you. Have you learned anything new about yourself on the trip? Was there anything else exposed that you had not seen in yourself before? Travel can help people grow. Think about your journey and if it helped you grow in any way. What did you like about the trip? What did you like the least?

It is important to reflect on your journey, so you can maintain new understanding and apply them to future adventures. This is a great way to learn about yourself, other people you have traveled with and how you can grow. Step back from everything you did and try to see the bigger picture. This may surprise you.

Where do you want to go next?

We all have a wish list of places we want to go. Write your own and try to start checking them.

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